Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dance and Cook Off

Looking for a good time?  Enter yourself in a gumbo cook-off, invite all your friends, and then eat what you've prepared.  This was my first entry into this type of activity.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and hope to enter more soon.

The recipe I decided to cook was a "Run Around Gumbo" with Chicken, Rabbit, and Sausage.  I used a pretty dark rough, the holy trinity, and some special seasonings.  It came out good, but next time, I promise it will be better.  Here are some pictures:

dats da rabbit

It was a perfect day out at Big Woodrow's.  Special thanks to the guy who walked around and took pictures.  If you're looking for more pictures of the event, you can go here.  And let me know if you're interested in joining us next year!

Happy Plates!