Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Man and His Old Smokey

     The Old Smokey is a simple charcoal grill.  It can survive hurricanes, getting thrown/kicked across the yard, and every adventure in between.  I bought my first OS as a frosh at Louisiana Statue University.  We tailgated next to Grahman Hall and grilled some hamburgers.  That particular OS lasted my victory lap through college and well into its alternative use as a fire pit.  I've owned three OS's overall and continue to enjoy their production of old smoke, even heat, and tasty treats.  Here are a compilation of photos from my favorite grill over the past 4 years.


You can even cook breakfast on the thing.  

You can buy Old Smokeys at Wal-Mart.  The small ones are $40 and the large ones are ~$60.  I highly recommend OS for any charcoal enthusiast.

I received no monetary endorsement from Old Smokey in the creation of this blog post.

Happy Plates! 

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  1. Great Blog. im going to post some smokey pics soon