Saturday, October 1, 2011


Chorizo Stuffed Omelet with a side of Grapefruit and Grapes.

      This is a three egg ode to the Fighting Tigers of LSU.  A breakfast (or brunch) not for the faint of heart.

     It was a simple plan really.  My parents woke me up extremely early to help a family friend move this morning.  Honestly, if I had been in Baton Rouge, I probably would have been awake by 6:00am so technically I got to sleep in.
     Our friend lives on the north side of the interstate which is kinda near Michoacana. Kinda near is a Katy term I've made up that means 15 minutes for those of you reading from out of state.  Michoacana is the coolest grocery store I've ever seen.  They sell everything Mexican.  I purchased some purple (red)onions, grapefruits, and CHORIZO!  They have the best "fresh" chorizo in Houston in my opinion.  To compare, I haven't bought fresh chorizo from anywhere else. 
     Flipping omelets takes practice and patience. After you conquer the technique, you can amaze people with food that not only looks good but also TASTES amazing.  I would proudly put this dish up against anything Bobby Flay shows on his show "Brunch with Bobby Flay". 

     Now it's time to sit back and watch my LSU Tigers play!  Holler at all my Mean Streak Tailgaters! Geaux Tigers!!
Extreme Happy Plates!!

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  1. Perfect picture with the TV in the background

    I'm adding your blog to my favorites. You've come a long way from Zippy's! :)