Monday, December 3, 2012

MLS CUP: Borracho Pollo

     It's no secret we're Dynamo season ticket holders.  We purchased season tickets for my dad as a Christmas present last year and had a great time going to all of the games!  After each game, they passed out sample cans of Bush's Cocina Latina Frijoles (beans).  During this year's MLS CUP between the Houston Dynamo and the LA Galaxy, I found it only fitting to serve these Mexicana Frijoles with some drunken chicken.  Or as this gringo calls it: BORRACHO POLLO!

Borracho pollos are easy to make.  Season your chicken with whatever hot spices you have.  The hotter the better.  Rub this all over the bird then place the bird on top of the beer.  (hints the name drunken chicken)

pop holes in the top with a can opener

Since I was already cooking one chicken, I figured it needed a partner in crime.  So I spatchcocked this chicken to grill next to his drunken neighbor.  Spatchcocking is a simple method of removing the back bone in order for the chicken to lay flat.  I have previously spatchcocked a turkey.  The results are promising.

Serve them up with some Cocina Latina beans and Potato salad and you can't go wrong!  

     Unfortunately, the Dynamo fell 3-1.  It was a sad day but the food helped us get over it.  We're looking forward to watching many more Dynamo games next season (and even more excited to NOT hear about David Beckham)!  Until then, we'll be partying with our borracho friends, el pollo.

Feliz placas! (happy plates!)

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