Monday, August 27, 2012

Shrimpy Isaac

I can only imagine how the shrimp handles the hurricane.  As humans, we can be hard-headed and reluctant to evacuate from the path of danger.  I hope everyone in the storms path is hunkered down and prepared for soon-to-be "Hurricane" Isaac.

A while back I took a week off work and had the opportunity to go down to the gulf for a day with my friend Alyssa.  I attempted to fish but we spent most of the day hanging out and enjoying the breeze.  One the way back we picked up some fresh gulf shrimp to grill up. (I owe her some!)

BBQ Bacon Wrapped Shrimp.

large gulf shrimp
the mix of stuff
wrap them in love
put them on skewers

put em on the fire and slap dat sauce on dem
On the side, salad with blue cheese dressing, fruit salad with homegrown cantaloupes, and artisan bread from Kroger (whole garlic gloves)

Happy Plates.  

And may you be safe from the storm!

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